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Mireia c. Saladrigues (Terrassa, 1978) is an artist and researcher, or rather, an artist-researcher. Her projects build on extensive inquiries while the particular research methodologies are based on her artistic practice.

She defends that the artistic research is fundamentally different from the traditional academic research, since the first is interrelated with the creative processes and the particular languages of art, incorporating aspects that cannot be directly addressed from formal knowledge or written language.

Saladrigues is a candidate for the International Doctorate (DFA) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki University of the Arts. Behaving Unconventionally in Gallery Settings launches experiments with instigating occasions for misrepresented (human and non-human) behaviours that, within the conceptual architecture of display, could be considered non-conventional and traditionally unacceptable.

She has lead the symposia A Case of Iconoclasm on the Tip of David’s Toe, interviewing the Art Historian Dario Gamboni, in dialogue with the artist Sari Palosaari and with a conference of the Assistant Professor of Communication Fernando Domínguez Rubio. Also, among others, Saladrigues has very happily participated The Very First Sensorium, which proposes another conference format. There she very insecurely made for a second time her performative conference Into Sugar We Could Have Turned, which in March closed the International Symposium organised by the Picasso Museum and MNAC –  National Museum of Art of Catalonia Archiving Exhibiting. Going off-Script in art archives. In the Autumn, this same performative conference will take place at the Phototek of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Insitut, in dialogue with some of the materials archived there.


The artistic work of Saladrigues has been at venues such as the Research Pavilion (Venice), Dia Art Foundation (Beacon), CAA (Washington), National Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung (Taiwan), Kiasma (Helsinki), Pori Art Museum (Pori), Kallio Kunsthalle Taidehalli (Helsinki), Villa Romana (Florence), Onomatopee (Eindhoven), La BF15 (Lyon), MACBA – Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona), Antoni Tàpies Foundation (Barcelona), and Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona Fabra & Coats.

During a residence at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2021-2022) she produced the works for Crederrei, se fussi di sassoexploring from a material and sculptorical perspective the hammer blow that received the David of Michelangelo Buonarroti, at the second toe of the left foot. This project comes after a-six-year phase of thorough research, that has taken Saladrigues to learn Italian for interviewing -among others- the iconoclast Piero Cannata while accessing several archives, from which that of Palazzo di Giustizia di Firenze, CNR-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Opificio delle Pietre Dure e Laboratori di Restauro or Fondazione Casa Buonarroti.

In parallel, Saladrigues keeps studying the particles of marble dust. This has taken her to run in quarries but specially to produce Polvere che gira, a devise that makes clouds of dust. She had since long projected to develop this, as stated in the video essay In Suspension, which took her to collaborate with scientists of the University of Helsinki such as physicians or researchers in geology specialised in aerial transportation, a dialogue that is ongoing in a common research.

Saladrigues has been a truly passionate about artist books. Thus, printed matters have been an important aspect of her work. In earlier years, this interest took her to work as an art bookseller, succeeding in having the first section of artist books in MACBA – Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona. Furthermore, since young has been keen in teaching art, which she started at the age of 18 years old at the school were -as a kid- went to learn drawing and painting. Mireia c. Saladrigues turned out to be one of the first emerging artist-in-residence at the programme Creadors En Residència, developing an art project with 12 students from the High School Quatre Cantons during 2012-2013. The development of TXSSSSIT! was so incredible that the director board of the high school asked her to stay as an external Partner the following academic year, which happily did when she started the Doctorate in Fine Arts at the same time than developing a second project in Creadors En Residència for A Bao A Qu.


Nowadays Saladrigues is a board member of Hamaca – Experimental Audiovisual Platform. Has been the founder of PAAC – Assembly Platform of Artists of Catalonia, and also of the Cultural Association Trama 34. 

Her artworks are part of the National Collection of Catalunya, MACBA, and ICUB; as well as have been acquired by private collectors.