This latest project in the Impossibilitats program, is conceived as an exercise and an intervention that fits the theme of “impossibilities” perfectly, and, from the outset, poses a challenge that we don’t know whether we will be able to achieve. On one hand, the project aims to recover and restore to working order an old film projector dating back over a hundred years, which, instead of using a xenon lamp like today’s projectors, used carbon rods to emit the beam of light. Moreover, in its last screening, it will betray itself by projecting material that was never screened at the sessions of the time because this machine, which is now part of the Agramunt Municipal Museum of Ethnology, originally belonged to the Roman Catholic association Acciò Católica.

AKRON – the brand name of the carbon bars that the film projector used for emitting light – will be presented at Espai Guinovart along with a conceptual map. Creating an immersive space in the exhibition room, this map will contextualise the projections as well as encapsulating the ideological foundations of the project, bringing together the working processes and research as well as the concepts that arise during the production phase. An exercise in the form of a heroic deed or exploit that draws together professionals and amateurs from different fields, whose knowledge has been essential for bringing this project to fruition. A true example of a totally context-specific artistic practice that, in my view, clearly outlines the principle of impossibility.