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25 . 09 . 2013

The art shrouded at the Seattle Art Museum during its closure for renovations.

Photography by Chris Blakeley, Flickr user.

Via Hyperallegic: Resting in Pieces: The Scattered Fate of Closed Museums.

An article in Esnorquel by Sonia Fernández Pan about a meeting with Petra Bauer, a Swedish artist programmed by Martí Manen within the exhibition Sindrome. A very nice text about the dialogue as another context for art to happen.


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The project Creators IN RESIDENCE in high schools invites creators to conceive new works of art specifically meant to be developed together with a group of secondary-education students. Creators intervene in high-schools as authors, developing their own work of art, and the transmission of art is achieved by means of participation, dialogue and direct contact with the artist and his work. Reflection and analysis are also key steps in the learning process, and they can be set and shared by means of blogs.


I was invited to be a Creator In Residency at IES Quatre Cantons.

Soon we’ll be able to show the project we’ve been working on since September 2012.

Meanwhile, some articles in the press that you can read about the pedagogical art project in IES Quatre Cantons, which are only in Catalan…

Don’t miss this exhibition curated by Martí Manen in La Capella that looks at artistic creation within a specific context. Furthermore, a series of meetings amongst the artists featured in the exhibition and artists from Barcelona and art agents, in an endeavor to foster “live” dialogue between practices and working methods. Petra Bauer, Sonia Fernández Pan (Esnorquel) and I will have soon the pleasure to be talking about all that! [ ··· ]

After organizing another visit to the exhibition on the 1st of March, La formació d’un Museu (The Formation Of A Museum) in L’Aparador of Joan Abelló Museum has been postponed until the 24th March. It has been curated by Oriol Fontdevila within the program De com convertir un museu en arena (How To Transform A Museum Into An Arena).

Soon more info of this project in the web!