The project Deeeep Art Reception has been granted a Barcelona Grant by the Institut of Culture of Barcelona for its development. The research aims to bring new understandings of art related to the reception of artworks by robots.


A Specific Representation #2 has been added to <eye-framing=OM7> , a project that in its digital archive activates and correlates the creations of different authors that have shown in La Capella. The curatorial team is formed by Bella Araneda Puentes, Germina Bastardas, Arthur Brun, Juan Antonio Cerezuela Zaplana, Zahira Dehn Tutosaus, Diana Juanpere Dunyó, Victoria Ellm, Santiago Parra Barrios, Ivana Pinna, Anna Stec and Laura Zapata. It has been coordinated by Christian Alonso and Olga Sureda. Online since April 15th.

_NTNU | Publishing as Artistic Practice

Lecture about my artistic research and its dissemination strategies in the MFA Seminar ‘Publishing as Artistic Practice’ at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of the Arts, Trondheim. On the 25th March


The show curated by David Armengol and Albert Mercadé celebrates the big community of artists and creators working at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. There In Suspension can be seen among works from Francesca d’Alfonso, Rafael Barradas, Arnau Blanch, Lucía C. Pino, Ludovica Carbotta, Joan Claret, Paco Chanivet, Jordi Colomer, Germán Consetti, Guillaume Darribau, Pere Díez, Quico Estivill, Arash Fayez, Lara Fluxà, David Franklin, Neus Frigola, Carles Gabarró, Duncan Gibbs, Xavier Grau, Matteo Guidi, Marc Herrero, María I. Barros, La Infinita, Víctor Jaenada, Samuel Labadie, Andrea Leria, Raúl Lobo Baroja, Laura Llaneli, Óscar Martín, Berto Martínez Tello, Paola Massi, Dolores Mendy, Antoni Muntadas, Nevenka Pavic, Rasmus Nilausen, Raúl Páez, Alex Palacín, Diego Paonessa, Ayelen Peressini, Mercedes Pimiento, Mònica Planes, German Portal, Pablo del Pozo, Maria Pratts, Antonio R. Montesinos, Alfredo Sánchez, Mario Santamaria, Isabel Servera, Sitesize, Lolo&Sosaku, TAKK, Pep Vidal, Martin Vitaliti.
In Tecla Sala, from 27th of Frebruary to 18th of July


I will present the performative conference Into Sugar We Could Have Turned within the seminar HARRI, ORRI, AR. Experimentation of formats for practice-based research. The event is organised by laSIA and supported by the Basque Country University. In Sala Rekalde, on the 24th of February.