_Prosthetic Gestures

2020_07 - CaixaForum_67

2020_07 - CaixaForum_56


For some time now, exhibitions have been traversed and amplified by social media and new technologies, but the capabilities and sensory devices of art shows have been extended through more intense mediation and remoted initiatives during the coronavirus. The screens -in different formulas of virtualisation- have revealed that an exhibition hall is no longer just a place to be physically visited. Such spaces also exist in their digital copies, in the reproductions that disseminate, hybridize and dilute their temporal and spatial limits.

If an exhibition is an installation and the sum of its extensions, would it then be possible to find new ways of moving around it that would take into account its condition? Some cameras, as extensions of the movements of the bodies of Olga Álvarez, Pere Faura and Clara Tena, will record other views of the show On estem. On podríem ser while experiencing potential prosthetic gestures, speculating on a contingent future, dancing with embodied technology.

Watch the video Prosthetic Gestures here.