Virtual Tour /

Virtual Tour, also known as Virtual Present Tour, makes visible the devise responsible of digitizing art venues in order to inquiry about the different technical, representational and metaphorical systems that configure the virtual transference of art experiences and the doubling process that occurs when making art venues and its exhibitions available online. The project approaches the particularities, pitfalls and complexities that such reproduction of spaces sets in relation to the acts of viewing and visiting.

The project, on-going and in permanent making, addresses three modes of virtualization and reproduction of the gallery settings. From the constant annotation, the regular documentation in 360º video, and the creation of interactive architectural elevations, Virtual Tour understands (following Brian Massumi) virtual as the potential of a situation that exceeds its actuality. Therefore, it is necessary to imagine and look for other narratives that enable new ways of relating with art or new online performativity/ies that no necessarily duplicate the conventions and the tacit rules established in the analogue galleries.

Virtual Tour has an analogue presence in the exhibition You Gotta Say Yes to Another Access in the Second Research Pavilion in Venice and a main presence online.

Virtual Tour. Mireia c. Saladrigues, 2917_web shoot _game